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Immediate edge

Immediate Edge – cryptocurrency trading program is based on artificial intelligence technology that allows users to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Technology helps to generate increased revenue from trades occurring on crypto markets. The program is developed by top class professionals with high level of knowledge and experience in finance. It’s a bitcoin revolution in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

  • Investing options
  • Products, markets, & assets
  • Deposits & withdrawals
  • Fees & costs
  • Platforms & usability
  • Safety & reliability
  • Research & analysis tools
  • Education & learning resources
  • Slow technical support
  • No fees or commission

What is Immediate Edge?

According to experts of analytical agencies, Immediate Edge is an advanced trading program because of its openness, reliability, operational base. The platform uses a reliable trading algorithm that relies on market signals, trading charts, statistics, pattern recognition methods to predict transactions, and then executes transactions, allowing you to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

There is also live streaming (or live stream) – a real-time broadcast that shows the current price and trading volume of the selected cryptocurrency on various exchanges. Immediate Edge can be useful for traders who want to follow price changes and make quick decisions based on up-to-date data.

Features of the trading bot:

  • The program independently conducts operations, the user needs to define the strategy, limits of funds for the activity. While the interface is simple, interaction with the platform is at an intuitive level.
  • Immediate offers users daily profit, success rate up to 99%.
  • The trading platform has a good record of reliability, technology in trading cryptocurrencies, thanks to which traders can achieve significant success in the market.

Characteristics of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a high-tech trading robot, which works on the basis of artificial intelligence, program algorithms. Specializes in cryptocurrency trading, uses live database data from past trades to determine entry and exit points. The platform automatically places transactions on behalf of the trader based on the results of the calculations made, which ensures reliable transactions, making it the best tool to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Platform characteristics:

Software typeRobot for trading
Minimum Deposit Amount250 dollars
LegitimacyLegal, does not contradict the legislation of the countries of presence
Transaction success, success rate99%
Software usage feesNone
Account usage feeNone
Withdrawal fee2% of the amount of profit received
Necessity to purchase additional softwareNone
Deadline for processing withdrawal requestsUp to 24 hours
Edge mobile appNone
Demo accountYes
Customer support24/7
Necessity of account verificationYes
Automatic tradingYes

Founders and owners of the platform

Immediate Edge are former Wall Street analysts who are the developers of the software. The team promptly tracks news, which allows it to expand the robotic program’s transaction management capabilities.

Specifics of work, trading opportunities of the program

Immediate Edge is an innovative platform that operates using artificial intelligence algorithms that allow it to identify patterns in the cryptocurrency marketplace. By analyzing price data, the robot identifies recurring patterns in the market, executing transactions based on the parameters set by the user based on his chosen trading strategy.

The priority of Immediate Edge is the possibility of one-time setting of trading strategies, after which the bot analyzes the current situation and starts trading in accordance with the set values. In addition, the platform only works with regulated crypto brokers, so investors can be sure to keep their profits intact.

For experienced traders provides the possibility of manual trading. Investors in this case can manually specify the exact conditions for opening and closing trades. The robot monitors the market around the clock, automatically places trades when the conditions are triggered, automatically making transactions when the specified parameters match.

Markets, asset classes, possible options

For users, the platform provides advanced trading features, the utilization of which leads to increased profits on trades. The functionality of the program is diverse, thanks to which traders can develop an investment strategy on their own, determine the parameters of transactions, pick an option, buy cryptocurrency.

Products and Assets

Immediate Edge is a trading system that allows you to work with financial assets. Supports transactions with all types of cryptocurrencies (250 types), bonds. Only offers of partner brokers, which can close the sale of new altcoins, act as limitations.

Among the products available on Immediate Edge can be found:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Etherium (ETH);
  • Lightcoin (LTC);
  • Dogicoin (DOGE);
  • Ripple (XRP);
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB).

US dollar/euro, US dollar/pound sterling, pound sterling/euro are also open for transactions.

The program allows you to trade assets, currencies, but the bot has no accompanying trading options or markets. To diversify a trading portfolio using forex or stocks, you need to use other systems.

Leverage in the immediate edge

Leverage is a tool that allows you to borrow money from a broker to make transactions on financial markets. The platform offers a leverage of 4000:1, which means that you can borrow up to 4000 dollars for every dollar of deposit made. Thus, investors can increase their earnings by 4-5 times.

Advantages of using leverage:

  • The use of leverage allows investors to increase the potential for profitability, as they can invest more money than they have on hand.
  • The tool allows investors to expand their portfolio by investing in products, which helps in reducing risks and increasing returns.
  • Access to additional funds, concomitant increase in portfolio liquidity.
  • Increased operational efficiency. The instrument allows investors to react faster to market changes and conduct transactions with greater speed.

However, leverage also increases the chance of loss. If a trade closes at a loss, you can lose not only your contribution, but also the amount that belongs to the broker. Therefore, newcomers to CFD trading are advised to invest only what can be lost without serious consequences. The edge review will allow you to choose the right strategy and decide on the robot settings.

Opening long and short positions in a stable environment

Immediate Edge is a trading system that provides an opportunity for traders to open both long and short positions in the market:

  • Long position – betting on the probable growth of asset value. The method is used when the situation is stable.
  • Short position – bets that the market is expecting a downturn. This way of trading can be profitable for investors who want to earn money from price fluctuations on the market.

Immediate Edge’s trading robot facilitates margin trading and allows traders to open trades according to strategies and conditions. Regardless of a trader’s experience, the program provides the opportunity to trade the stock market.

Brokers present on Immediate Edge

The Immediate Edge trading system has partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

  • Binance;
  • Coinbase;
  • Poloniex;
  • Kraken;
  • Bittrex

Moreover, the platform provides the ability to trade forex online using 24option and UFX systems. This means that traders can expand their investment portfolio and gain exposure to a wide range of financial instruments.

Algorithms and strategy options of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is an automated trading platform that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze the market and make trading decisions. Review edge presents several tools that can be used on the platform:

  • Automated cryptocurrency trading

The situation on the crypto markets changes around the clock, so operations here should be performed without time reference. Automated robot trading allows traders to manage assets and make investments continuously with minimal adjustments. It maximizes profits and helps you reach a new level in investing.

  • Automatically trade cryptocurrencies using arbitrage

In the world of trading, time is of the essence, and Immediate Edge trading platform helps to quickly identify trends that will bring greater profits. Arbitrage allows the robot to manage several assets that are based on different platforms at one time. Immediate Edge can be configured to automatically scan prices on exchanges and use divergences to trade supported cryptocurrencies.

  • Analyzing news and market trends, review edge

It is necessary to be aware of the latest news and events that may affect the financial position and investments. With the help of Immediate Edge automated trading software, a trader can react quickly to market changes and make decisions.

Immediate Edge not only provides news information, but also takes trends into account when making transactions. The bot can analyze price trends and predict the direction of the market, which allows it to make transactions while making profits.

  • Monitoring asset prices in Immediate Edge

The financial market cannot be stable for long, prices are constantly fluctuating, which creates problems for investors who seek to predict the exact value of an asset in the future. Immediate Edge analyzes data and makes predictions about the possible value of an asset, making the task easier.

Distinctive features of Immediate Edge

The program presents users with a range of assets for trading, which allows investors to build their portfolio, make investments based on market volatility. The main factors include:

  1. Availability of training base in the immediate edge

In addition to the demo account, additional training materials are presented on YouTube, blogs, websites, live broadcasts. In addition, if the user has any problems, he can ask for help in the 24-hour support service, where competent specialists will promptly advise the applicant on the issue of interest. Customer support is carried out promptly and competently.

  1. Customizable graphical systems for displaying indicators

Immediate Edge is a trading platform that offers many tools for analyzing the market. Includes customizable charts, indicators that will help the trader to better understand the fluctuations of the market value. Thanks to filters, one can customize these tools to meet specific needs and get the most out of trading in the market.

  1. Demo account tool

This tool allows users to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the platform and understand how transactions are made without losing their funds. The site provides video tutorials that will help to master all the nuances of working with the service.

The edge is a convenient platform for beginners, review of the edge

Everyone who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies can register on the Immediate Edge platform. The software will be a tool for beginners and experienced traders:

  • By going through the KYC process and setting up a trading strategy, users can easily track transactions.
  • For beginners, the advantage will be that the bot is already programmed to be self-sufficient after setting the initial directive, but they can also get access to tools that will help to adjust trading, buy or sell cryptocurrency.
  • Experienced traders can set up complex strategies and control trading in manual mode.

Edge Overview: Should you use Immediate Edge?

After researching data from analytical agencies, it can be concluded that this trading platform is a tool that can help a multitude of traders regardless of market experience.

The advantage of the program is its automated format, which makes the platform preferable for investors seeking to reduce time spent on analysis.

Possible returns using Immediate Edge

The program provides an opportunity to earn up to $1,500 per day. However, the win rate depends on the following conditions:

  • The performance of crypto assets in a given period of time.
  • The level of leverage used by the system.
  • User-defined danger level.
  • Initial investment.

Expert tips for those starting out in cryptocurrency trading

If an investor is just starting the path in cryptocurrency trading, it is necessary to study the advice of experienced traders. These include the following statements in particular:

  1. Use demo trading

Before you start investing real money and buying cryptocurrency, explore the platform’s functionality using a demo account.

  1. You should not invest large sums at once

One of the most reasonable approaches to working on trading platforms is to start with small investments and gradually increase the portfolio.

  1. Be prepared for possible losses

One of the aspects of trading is to be prepared for financial losses. This is especially true when working with currencies that can be volatile.

How to succeed with the immediate edge platform

A trading robot can help to reduce possible losses when investing. It is important to take into account the tips when working with the program:

  1. Choose proven brokers. Immediate Edge works exclusively with regulated and CySEC licensed brokers who are ready to help manage your account.
  2. Invest the minimum. The trading robot has a low minimum deposit, which allows you not to risk large sums at once.
  3. Don’t forget to withdraw your earnings. This will help you to quickly track the difference between the investment and the result.
  4. Analyze your statistics. Account analysis does not take more than 20 minutes a day, but allows you to quickly monitor your account and change strategies.
  5. You should not invest all your savings in cryptocurrency. Invest only what can be attributed to capital.

What factors should be taken into account before starting to work in the immediate edge

Criteria that are important to evaluate before starting investment activities include:

  • Withdrawal speed. The platform favorably differs from the others in the speed of processing applications – money is withdrawn within 24 hours.
  • Account checks. The platform conducts verification at different stages of registration. New users must verify their account via a link, then provide proof of identity.
  • Established limits. Minimum deposit – 250 dollars.
  • Possible fees and commissions. On the site is set only a commission on profits in the amount of 2% of the amount. Using the program is free of charge.
  • Reviews. Based on the impressions of those who have already gained experience working with the bot, we can draw a conclusion about its effectiveness.
  • Promptness of technical support. Visitors can get help around the clock, by phone or in their account using a special form of. Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Availability of affiliated brokers. When registering, the investor chooses an affiliated broker in his country, connects to the terminal

Is Immediate Edge difficult to use?

The trading robot is not difficult to use. In addition, after registration, users can:

  • Use a demo account for training (allows you to learn the platform’s features without losing money).
  • Study the information base.
  • Analyze statistics of past trades.

Interaction with Immediate Edge

Working with the program starts with several steps:

  • Registration on the portal.
  • Account verification.
  • Making a deposit (minimum deposit – 250 dollars).
  • Providing a path to the trading interface.
  • Demo trading.
  • Manual trading.

In addition, regular monitoring of the following parameters is also recommended:

  • possible transaction limits;
  • the amount of investment;
  • Stop-loss parameters;
  • asset selection form;
  • profit and loss analysis.

Stages of working with Immediate Edge

Stages of work on the portal include registration, verification, account replenishment. Let’s consider these steps in more detail below.

Registration on the platform

Before buying currency, you need to create your profile on the platform. When registering, you should specify the user’s personal data, such as:

  • e-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • country of registration;
  • user name.

In the lines “Email” and phone number, it is important to provide only up-to-date data. At this stage it is not required to present documents confirming identity or place of residence.

Confirmation of data immediate edge

The account verification procedure on the Immediate Edge platform is easy, provided the user has all the necessary documents to complete the KYC process. To confirm the data, geo-position you will need to present a document confirming your identity. This is a mandatory protocol that protects the trading platform from fraudsters. Without verification of the account it will not be possible to open the trading functionality. Only verified users can buy cryptocurrency and sell it subsequently.

Once the procedure is complete, the user will be able to open the trading dashboard where they will be able to track trading transactions.

Making a deposit via the immediate edge website

To deposit funds, you need to select the desired payment methods from those presented:

  • MasterCard;
  • Skrill;
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal.

The minimum deposit is 250 dollars, the upper limit is indicated by the amount of 15 000 dollars.

Studying the functionality using the demo account tool

This is a tool for those who are just getting acquainted with the capabilities of the trading robot and want to buy cryptocurrency. With its help, beginners can study the market and develop skills. Advantages of the account:

  • have no financial risk
  • allow you to explore the interface;
  • can be replenished with virtual funds.

Making transactions

When the capabilities of Immediate Edge robot have been explored, you can move on to the Live Trading section. From his personal cabinet, the user can make transactions in real time.

Account verification

To complete registration, the user needs to confirm their identity and location. For this he will need to go through the KYC procedure:

  • by providing the administration with a photo ID;
  • proof of residence;
  • by confirming your phone number through a phone call.

Devices available for operation

Immediate Edge website is a convenient tool for traders, which allows them to work through a web browser on a device with an Internet connection. Despite the absence of its own application, the platform supports work on tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers. In addition, Immediate Edge can be opened via MT4 and MT5 trading packages, using specialized trading software or the edge app for iOS and Android. Thanks to this flexibility of use, traders can work with Immediate Edge anywhere, anytime, which allows them to quickly react to market changes and make profitable decisions.

In which countries the trading platform is present?

The Immediate Edge robot can be used in any country where real CFD trading is legal. The program operates in more than 150 countries, among them:

  • UAE;
  • USA;
  • Australia;
  • South Africa;
  • Ireland;
  • Indonesia.

Immediate Edge languages

The software assumes service in thirteen languages, which include:

  • French.
  • English.
  • Italian.
  • German.

Is it possible to delete a personal account in Immediate Edge?

Deleting an account on Immediate Edge is not difficult. This will require:

  • Contact customer support.
  • Delete personal information from your profile.
  • Deactivate your account following the instructions of technical support staff.

Available deposit methods for Immediate Edge

Before you make the first transaction and buy cryptocurrency, you need to fund your account. To fund an Edge account, users can use the listed methods:

  • By transfers from bank debit and credit cards of Visa and Mastercard systems.
  • PayPal payment system
  • With Skrill.

Minimum for possible deposit in Immediate Edge

The minimum deposit to an Immediate Edge account is $250 and the maximum limit is set at $15,000. However, this trading software does not limit the amount that can be invested.

Making a withdrawal request with Immediate Edge

The system does not have its own e-wallet, and all withdrawals are made through brokers. They are the ones who perform all the withdrawal operations.

To withdraw funds you need to perform several steps:

  • Authorize in the account.
  • Select the “Withdrawal of funds” section.
  • Specify the desired amount to be transferred.
  • Specify payment methods.
  • Confirm withdrawal request.

The money will be transferred to the edge account within 24 hours.

It should also be taken into account that cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal means of payment in many countries, so requests are made in the format of fiat currencies.

Possible profit in Immediate Edge

The amount of profit that can be made with the help of the bot directly depends on the amount that was invested by the investor. According to user reviews, traders managed to earn several thousand dollars on trades using the Edge application.

That said, it is important to remember:

  • Losses are inevitable despite all the advantages of the trading robot.
  • It is necessary to control trades.
  • Conduct a thorough market analysis.
  • Develop reliable trading strategies on your own.
  • The trading platform charges 2% of the amount of profit earned.
  • Any income must be taxed.

Fee for using Immediate Edge

The software is distributed on a royalty-free basis, and traders do not pay a commission to the owners in case trades are unsuccessful.

Minimum deposit250 dollars
Fees charged for trading through a trading robot2% of the final profit on trades
Account usage priceNot set
Deposit and withdrawal feesNone
Program purchase priceNo fee is charged

Is Immediate Edge website legitimate

Immediate Edge is a secure trading platform. Having said that, investors should be aware that any real cryptocurrency trading in the financial markets is inextricably linked to dangers. At the same time, the following facts confirm that it is not a fraud:

  • The platform cooperates exclusively with brokers that have a CySEC license.
  • Immediate Edge uses a sophisticated algorithm with advanced CFD cryptocurrency trading tactics that is investor-friendly and automates the transaction process.
  • The system software is safe.
  • The platform uses a distribution registry (DLT).

Safe and secure trading with Immediate Edge

For an investor, the main criterion for choosing software is security. Immediate Edge can be confident in the security of Immediate Edge – the program does not violate the laws of the countries where it operates, the privacy policy reliably protects money and personal data of users.

Trading with Immediate Edge is legal?

Immediate Edge trading platform is legal, legalized in countries where real trading of cryptocurrencies is allowed. When working with the program, it is important to remember that each country has financial market rules, and before using the bot, they should be thoroughly studied.


Every visitor who has registered on the portal must verify his/her identity. This allows to cut off possible fraudsters and protect investors’ funds. The platform uses SSL encryption protocol for data protection, so traders can be sure that personal data will not get to third parties. Our edge review confirms the security of the platform.

I can be sure that my money is protected?

The platform’s privacy policy is constantly being improved. Traders can have peace of mind about the safety of their funds. The platform does not store money personally, all transactions are carried out through the systems of affiliated brokers. In addition, Immediate Edge strictly adheres to international data protection laws, including complying with the EU’s GDPR (GDPR) regulation. The software uses AES 256 encryption system, which turns text or user data into a cipher, protecting sensitive data from cyberattacks and fraudulent activities.

How trading with an immediate edge is regulated?

There are a number of bodies that regulate the activities of integrated brokers. Among them are the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Does Immediate Edge require account verification?

After registering on the platform, everyone must confirm their identity (location) by providing the appropriate documents. Otherwise, the user will not be able to use the trading functionality of the Immediate Edge robot, i.e. will not be able to buy or sell currencies.

Technical support of immediate edge

The Immediate Edge team provides traders with advice on the program’s operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get an answer to your question in the following ways:

  • By calling the phone numbers provided in the profile.
  • By contacting by e-mail.
  • Asking a question in a live chat with an operator. Live chat functions around the clock.

How to manage the risks of using a bot

It is easy to make profit using the system’s opportunities, but you should prepare for investing by studying the maximum open information and market trends. You can increase your chances of success by following the tips listed below:

  1. Invest small amounts at the initial stage

When starting to trade it is important not to forget about the dangers. To avoid losses, it is recommended to start trading with a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. Gradually, gaining experience and studying the market, dynamics, it is possible to increase capital, buy additional assets and manage investments more effectively.

  1. Only invest amounts that you can lose without compromising your financial stability

You should not use credit funds to invest in cryptocurrencies. Trading on financial markets is associated with threats, even the most advanced trading algorithms do not guarantee success.

  1. Do not reinvest the received profit in full

Investing 100% of profits can be a serious mistake, as trading involves long-term operations. The received income will be correctly used for operations with other assets.

  1. Listen to expert opinion

Practice shows that the vast majority of strategies of the game have already been used at some point in time. It is necessary to find information about the obtained results and use the experience of an expert who has already passed this way.

  1. Don’t forget to keep records of funds received and invested for tax purposes

Capital transferred to a bank account is not income. However, tax officials often require to confirm the source of funds, therefore, without the necessary documents, there may be certain difficulties with the law.

Risks of trading with the immediate edge factor

Trade automation gives traders many advantages, but playing on financial markets is associated with threats. The following factors should not be forgotten when making transactions:

  • Constant monitoring of the processes

The fact of trading automation does not mean that you can trust the system without verification. Automated trading systems require a constant connection to the Internet and uninterrupted functioning of servers. However, there are occasional interruptions in the work of Internet resources due to weather factors, natural or man-made disasters. In such a situation, there is a danger of financial losses, so it is necessary to regularly check the operation and take measures to minimize risks.

  • Less autonomy

Automation of trading processes implies giving up discretionary power. Market conditions are volatile, the price of cryptocurrencies can change at any moment. In such situations, the trader will not be able to quickly change the course of the transaction, so it is extremely important to pay attention to the analysis at the initial stage to confirm the correctness of the strategy.

Bitcoin news and evolution for today

In order to adjust strategies, traders should promptly monitor the news reflected in the quotes of cryptocurrencies. In particular, the main news of the last few days were:

  • Bitcoin and Ether rates falling in the afternoon trading in Asia due to reports of DeFi hacking. The prices of most other tokens are also declining.
  • According to analysts, significant fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrency are not expected unless there is news that can dramatically change the dynamics of the exchange rate.
  • A bitcoin wallet that has not been used for more than a decade has become active. The account balance contains 1037 BTC purchased in 2012 for 5000 dollars. Now their price is estimated at 31 million dollars.

Why using robots for trading is profitable?

  1. Reduced probable losses

The cryptocurrency market cannot exist without threats due to its instability. Traders who conduct transactions manually often lose money, while those who use automated trading, instantly react to the change of the situation. Advanced algorithms process arrays of incoming data faster and make transactions based on the results of analysis.

  1. Safety and reliability of the system

Trading robots use advanced data protection technologies, so users may not be afraid of possible hacking of bank accounts.

Why bitcoin trading robots are profitable?

Using automated programs has a number of advantages that allow traders to receive increased income from investments. The main ones include:

  • Speed of response and probability of success. Trading robots process information faster and make transactions when the set parameters match, so even experienced traders cannot outperform them.
  • Absence of human factor and emotionality. Emotionlessness is the key to successful trading. Emotions influencing decisions sooner or later lead to losses. Trading robots are not exposed to this danger, which increases the efficiency and profitability of the investment.
  • Round-the-clock operation. Thanks to the trading robot, the investor can make transactions 24 hours a day, without weekends or sleep breaks.
  • Ability to test different strategies. Setting up a system of filters allows you to quickly check trading options and find the most effective one.

Other Systems for Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Immediate Edge is not the only trading robot for automating transactions on financial markets. For example:

  • Bitcoin Bank – a bitcoin trader popular among users, which collects working tools for trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Qumas AI – a trading robot based on a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to analyze and execute transactions.
  • Ethereum Code is a cryptocurrency trading bot that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Immediate Connect is a universal trading robot that allows you to make transactions with cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin Revolution (Bitcoin Revolution) – a bot with 60% efficiency.
  • Bitcoin Era is also a cryptocurrency trading platform that executes transactions on behalf of the user. Thanks to the automated software system, Bitcoin Era is able to anticipate changes in the marketplace.
  • Bitcoin Prime (bitcoin prime) – an innovative platform designed for the safe purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. The main goal of the platform is to help users, including beginners, to benefit from cryptocurrency trading.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle – an innovative robot specializing in automated cryptocurrency trading.

All of the above platforms provide live streaming of cryptocurrencies, as well as their own broadcasts of prices and trading volumes.

It is important to realize that cryptocurrency live stream is not the only source of information for making decisions about buying or selling. Additional analysis and market research is needed to make informed decisions.

Advantages and disadvantages of trading with Immediate Edge

Every program has advantages and disadvantages. Immediate Edge also has pros and cons.

Speed of processing withdrawal requestsThe training version is closed before depositing funds to the deposit account
No trading fees and commissionsLack of service in some countries
Partnership with several brokersNo edge application for mobile devices
Increased trading efficiency due to automated processes
Possibility of crypto arbitrage
A variety of payment systems available for depositing into your account
Relatively small minimum deposit
Possibility to choose manual trading mode
Detailed thorough market analysis
Security level
Prompt customer support, including live chat support

Why trade on Immediate Edge

The platform has many advantages, below we will describe some of them, which allow you to make profits and increase the efficiency of trading.

ReliabilityProvides a high level of security thanks to data encryption technologies, sophisticated multi-level security measures and user identity verification. This ensures that all personal data is well protected.
No hidden feesThe only commission charged by the site is a 2% trading fee on profits.
Wide range of assetsUnlike competitors, the trading platform allows you to work with a variety of cryptocurrencies, which expands the possibilities of the trader.
Simplified registrationHaving filled in a minimum of positions and having passed account verification, the user can start studying the program features.
Opportunity to make profits on a daily basisAccuracy of analysis and fast processing of market activity allows generating profits for the investor on a daily basis.
Convenience in useThe program does not require highly specialized knowledge and skills.
High percentage of successful tradesTransaction success rate with this trading bot is 99%.
Instant closing of tradesSpeed of data processing and instant reaction – a tool indispensable in case of high market volatility.
Speed and convenience of money withdrawalMoney is transferred to the user’s account within 24 hours after the request is made.
Automation of operations with assetsAllows the trader to reduce time spent on analyzing the market and making transactions.
Clear adherence to strategyAfter the bot is configured, trades are made only if the specified parameters match.
Risk controlThe client sets risk parameters, and then can be sure that the robot will not exceed the set limits.
Extensive operating baseWith the help of this robot, traders can make transactions with a multitude of assets, tracking and analyzing data that allows them to expand their investment portfolio.

Do celebrities use Immediate Edge?

Many rumors have been circulating around the trading bot, according to which personalities like Ilon Musk, Jeff Bezos have been actively supporting the system. However, the edge review showed that there are no official statements of these individuals, rumors have not been confirmed.

Reviews and feedback from Immediate Edge users

Immediate Edge has become popular due to its functionality and the ability to make trading automatic quickly and for a minimal profit fee. Users of specialized forums, including Reddit, note Immediate Edge’s usability and customizability.


The combination of interface, withdrawal speed, software, and customer support ensures Immediate Edge’s growing popularity. Users and edge review note the safety and reliability of the services provided by the platform. This trading robot has advanced functionality, making it a useful tool for both beginners and experienced traders alike. A trader, regardless of experience, can start trading and making investments here. In addition, the software is absolutely free for all users. Thus, investing with a crypto bot can be a good strategy for those who want to make profits in the cryptocurrency market.

Terms used

Two-factor authentication is a security measure used to log into wallets or exchange platforms.

Address – bitcoin code consisting of letters and numbers used to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Algorithm – a set of actions that follow in order.

Altcoins – alternative cryptocurrency.

API – application programming interface, a set of protocols and tools that define the order of information utilization and determine the sequence and nature of actions.

Bear market – a decrease in the price of an asset over a period of time.

Blocks – transactions confirmed earlier.

Bull market – the process of growth in the value of an asset in a given period of time.

Future contract – a transaction that is approved between the parties in advance.

Leverage – a financial instrument that allows investors to increase investments using borrowed funds. Leverage allows you to increase the return on investment, but it also increases the threat of losses.

Mining – a process aimed at confirming newly created transactions. The labor-intensive nature of the transaction is compensated by the accrual of cryptocurrency.

Portfolio – the price of assets open to the investor.

Trading robot, bot – specialized trading software that allows to make transactions according to the set parameters without direct human participation.

Support – a service that provides customer service.

e-mail – e-mail address.

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