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Cryptocurrency trading bots have to be able to do a lot: they have to automate the complex trading of cryptocurrencies, they have to be able to connect to different exchanges, they have to be able to react quickly, and, best of all, they have to be easy to use.

With the large number of trade robots, choosing is challenging. That’s why we have created a detailed list of trading bots here for you to choose from as an English trader, but first of all, let’s go over the basics.

What are trading bots?

Trading bots are software to fully or partially automate trading processes. Crypto trading bots can be connected to a crypto exchange platform via an API and carry out trades on your behalf. There are various good reasons for using a trading bot: They enable you to trade around the clock, even when you don’t have time or are asleep. They react immediately according to pre-programmed parameters and have superhuman timing, or they choose cryptocurrencies with potential without human emotions.

Trading robots have been established for a long time. They are standard tools on crypto exchanges and among traders. In recent years, more and more crypto bots have emerged, i.e., robots that trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB.

Unlike many traditional trading, cryptocurrency trading occurs 24/7, around the clock, every day. Prices can rise or fall quickly overnight, especially when you’re blissfully sleeping or hanging out with friends and family. Instead of a price alarm waking you up, a crypto trading bot can react and trade automatically as instructed. This is particularly important because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Gains or losses of 5%, 10%, or more are not uncommon in volatile times. At the same time, the bots have the advantage that they react soberly and unemotionally—just the way they were programmed.

However, as always, with the good comes the bad. Many scam bots are floating around whose only goal is to take money from people’s pockets. You can recognize them by their horrendous promises that you will quickly become rich. Also, they are not affiliated with trustworthy crypto exchanges. The bitter truth is that becoming rich is not that easy. Even the reputable crypto trading bots listed here cannot do this. They only execute trading the way you tell them to. You have to make the trading decisions yourself, you have to develop the strategies yourself and you also have to monitor the markets regularly.

Some crypto trading bots help you by providing templates. These are templates for trading strategies and can be set individually and adapted to your needs.

What is also essential is which crypto exchanges the bot can connect to. Ultimately, you must have an account on these exchanges and deposit the money or cryptocurrencies there. The possible cryptocurrencies the crypto bot can trade also differ from bot to bot. There are also differences in the trading functions and the user interface. Furthermore, there are bots for which you must buy a subscription plan, while others can be free.

A demo mode or “paper trading” can help you familiarize yourself with the features, which just means you don’t trade real money; the trades are still executed like in actual trading. It is also ideal for beginners who want to learn to trade cryptocurrencies.

The good thing for traders based in the UK is that these automated crypto trading bots are usually available for traders in England and the United Kingdom, with little to no restrictions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Earn money online passively, get rich, and stay successful? A wishful thinking. But you shouldn’t be blinded by all the big advertising promises, but rather assess the chances realistically. Profitable automated crypto trading is possible if you adhere to the general rules of diversification and risk minimization.

Above all, profits from the trading bot must be regularly withdrawn to avoid losses. If you continue to invest all your earnings, your risk also increases. And it is precisely this risk that must always be minimized with auto crypto trading bots. Trading with trading bots is not only associated with advantages but also has disadvantages:

Even beginners can start relatively quickly and without problems.A trading bot is only sometimes correct in its assessment because the trader determines the parameters.
You can save more time, which can be spent doing other things.Furthermore, you should not forget that there are fake bots with only one goal: to take money out of the trader’s pocket.
In addition, the trading robot is based on current events and is not guided by feelings.

Here’s a list of the best crypto trading bots in the UK:

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a fully automated trading platform that integrates with trading platforms to provide not only exciting but also profitable cryptocurrency trading experience. According to the Immediate Edge website, its a product of advanced programming techniques aligned with superior technology. As such, it has a market advantage that keeps it ahead of the competition.

Immediate Edge claims various reasons that convinced us to register with them immediately. Here are factors that make Immediate Edge outstanding:

1. Intuitive user interface

The makers of the trading robot have gone above and beyond regarding your experience while trading with Immediate Edge. Starting from the user interface, one gets the feeling that the platform was created to relieve users of tedious work and ensure they are comfortable while on the platform.

2. Offers market-leading win rate

Immediate Edge seems to have this firmly established, as they claim a 99.4% win rate. This means that software users can rarely go wrong when taking profitable positions.

3. Faster than manual trading

Immediate Edge can collect and analyze massive amounts of data is far ahead of humans. This means that no human who trades manually can ever compete with this trading software.

4. Intelligent analytics

According to its website, the bot uses a combination of advanced programming and AI, meaning Edge can interpret market information using clever and complicated techniques that produce intelligent signals. Unlike manual trades that sometimes rely on guesswork, Immediate Edge trading ensures that every decision is based on actual market information.


3Commas has been available since 2017. With it, you can trade cryptocurrencies on 23 trading platforms. These include Coinbase Pro, Binance, BitMEX, Bitstamp, FTX, Bittrex and Kraken. 3Commas also has an Android and iOS app for traders to trade on mobile comfortably.

3Commas offers paper trading with virtual fiat money so that you can learn to trade and test the functions. Signals can be activated and defined yourself. There is a clean dashboard, automatic rebalancing, automated average price method, and automatic trading.

The automated crypto trading offers several predefined strategies that you can set and adapt yourself. Users can also create an entirely new approach. To trade cryptocurrencies with 3Commas, you must have an account on one of the accepted cryptocurrency exchanges and connect your account. 3Commas provides the necessary APIs for this.

3Commas’ different bots trade specific crypto exchange pairs and have different features. Some have stopped losses; others don’t. There are options for taking profit, safe trades, and other customizable trading features.

For beginners, using 3Commas trading bots is very easy. 3Commas offers a sub-item “Presets” under “Trading Bots.” There are trading bots configured by other users that you can copy and use with one click. This means you can start using any trading bot without knowledge of trading bots, technical analysis, or algorithmic calculations. Simply adopt the preconfigured trading bot and you can get started. The free subscription allows a connection to numerous exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and many more.

The Pro package costs £44 monthly, allowing paper trading, additional exchanges, features, and margin and futures trading, while the Expert subscription costs £74 for the complete package.


Cryptohopper is a web-based cloud trading platform through which you can trade on various crypto trading platforms. In addition to placing your trades, monitoring different markets, and reacting to self-defined trading signals, Cryptohopper also offers automatic trading.

Cryptohopper enables paper trading with virtual money. Users must log in and create an account. The minimum deposit is around £20, depending on the exchange you will be trading with. According to Cryptohopper, its automatic trades are based on social or copy trading, similar to the copy trader eToro. The bot copies the investment strategies and portfolios of successful traders. Apart from that, you can also open trades yourself.

The Strategy Designer allows the adjustment of predefined parameters. You can access the various stock exchanges and monitor the portfolios using the user interface. The Cryptohopper should be easy to use and also offer functions for experienced traders.

There are no restrictions when registering. You can use the software for free with certain limitations on funcationalities before depositing your money. The “Pioneer” subscription is free but offers the fewest functions. The Explorer subscription costs £24 per month, the Adventurer subscription costs £49, and the Hero subscription costs £99.


The company behind the crypto trading bot Quadency was founded in 2018 and is based in the British Virgin Islands. The trading platform offers trading with over 4000 trading pairs, more than 15 bots, and strategies for automatic trading. The software also creates portfolio analyses, displays news from the crypto space, and offers a range of display tools for crypto charts. Quadency can be used as professional trading software even if you have no interest in trading robots.

The crypto trading bot can be connected to different exchanges via the API. This gives you access to a large number of cryptocurrencies. You are offered more than 15 bots and Quadency’s strategies to place automatic trades. These bots and strategies can be adapted to your own needs. “Smart Suggest” is another feature in which the software shows you more efficient configurations.


TradeSanta is a cloud-based crypto ai trading robot. The software connects to your account on Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Upbit, and Huobi and tries to take advantage of the price movement of cryptocurrencies there. The bot executes take-profit orders, i.e., invests in a crypto trading pair and then sells when the cryptocurrency’s price reaches a specific, previously defined value. However, if the price falls, TradeSanta will execute “Extra Orders.”

With these extra orders, TradeSanta buys or sells the cryptos and lowers the take-profit order. This is intended to offset losses and make it possible to make profits despite falling prices.

With TradeSanta, you can define “long” and “short strategies.” The bot also offers technical indicators for chart analysis, such as RSI, MACD, and Bollinger signals. Stop-loss orders can also be set. Telegram offers 24/7 support. The user interface is deliberately kept simple. Users can continue their training with various tutorials. There is a 3-day free trial period to try it out.

The “Basic” subscription costs £25 monthly and offers all strategies, all trading pairs, and 49 bots. “Advanced” increased the number to 99 bots, unlocking TradingView for individual exchanges. The subscription costs £45 per month. “Maximum” costs $90 per month; with this subscription, you have unlimited bots.


Coinrule is an automatic trading robot for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and other exchanges. The company behind it was founded in Great Britain in 2018. The software can be connected to your crypto exchange account using an API. Coinrule offers a series of customizable “rules” based on which the bot should make trades. They are simple “if this happens, do that” rules that even a beginner can easily understand. At the same time, the trading robot offers further setting options for advanced users.

Advanced features include stop loss, take profit, various indicators, and a demo mode for paper trading. The functions can be individually adapted to the respective strategy.

The free Starter package allows two rules for live trading, two rules for paper trading, seven template strategies, one exchange, and a monthly trading volume of up to 3,000 US dollars. The Hobbyist package costs $29.99 and allows up to 7 rules, linking to up to 2 exchanges and more features with a maximum trading volume of $300,000.

The “Trader” subscription costs $59.99, allows up to 25 rules, unlimited templates, five crypto exchanges, and a monthly trading volume of up to $3 million. The “Pro” subscription costs $449.99 and allows 50 rules, unlimited templates and exchanges, and an unlimited monthly trading volume.


Pionex is a trading robot and a company based in Singapore. The Robot was released in 2019. The software offers five trading bots and a “Binance level” of liquidity. Trades cost a fee of 0.05%. The software enables leveraged trading with various tokens, a large selection of trading pairs, and multiple cryptocurrencies. Unlike other trade robots, there are no monthly subscriptions; every trade has a 0.05% fee. The Pionex user interface is designed to be simple; even beginners should find their way around quickly. For advanced users, there are additional functions such as stop loss and taking a profit. There are not significantly more options for adapting the bots to your strategies.


Bitsgap crypto trading robot enables trading on over 30 exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken,, and more. Using an API, the software can be connected to your account. Bitsgap offers a free trial period of 7 days and a demo mode for paper trading. The trading view allows more than 100 indicators and 50 innovative drawing tools for advanced users. 12 types of charts are available.

Bitsgap automatically trades a large number of cryptocurrencies on the connected exchanges. The bots base their trading decisions on “smart strategies,” which can be individually adapted. Stop loss, take profit and other functions are also available.

Bitsgap also enables arbitrage trading. The crypto bot uses the price differences between trading pairs and exchanges and then attempts to buy at the lowest price and sell at higher prices elsewhere. The Basic package costs £20 per month, the Advanced package costs £47, and the Pro package costs £103. The package decides, among other things, how many trading robots can be active simultaneously and which functions are available.


HaasOnline is an advanced trading robot with its script language. This allows you to program your bot using more than 600 commands. The robot is aimed more at technically savvy users. Backtesting and simulated trading will enable you to test these self-programmed bots beforehand without using real money. This paper trading feature is available for most integrated exchanges.

An unlimited number of trades can be placed on increasing crypto exchanges. Users have the choice between the HaasOnline TradeServer or the HaasOnline Cloud. The TradeServer requires its server and is aimed primarily at companies. With the cloud solution, no server or app is necessary.


CryptoHero is an AI-driven trading robot. The company behind it is called Novum Group and is based in Singapore. The robot can be used either via a web browser or as an iOS app. In addition to automatic trading, the software also offers tools for analyzing and managing the portfolio.

Backtesting and paper trading can simulate functions and strategies before investing real money. CryptoHero can be connected via API to exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, OKEx, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, KuCoin, Bitfinex, and

CryptoHero was developed for beginners in the field of trading. The user interface is kept simple. How the AI ​​works, and the strategies offered are not explained in more detail. The Basic package is free and allows one active bot and one connection to an exchange. The Premium version costs $13.99 monthly, allows 15 active bots simultaneously, and links to up to 3 exchanges.


According to the developers, Botsfolio ‘s AI should manage your portfolio and be a fund manager. The Crypto Bot automatically implements long- and short-term strategies to increase your assets.

To do this, the bot invests in different trading pairs. Users do not need any understanding or prior knowledge; Botsfolio already has several ready-made strategies and bots. However, this also means you cannot make settings and adjustments yourself. A certain amount of trust is necessary. No one knows exactly how the bot’s AI works, except that it’s supposed to act like a fund manager.

Currently, Botsfolio can only be connected to the Binance exchange. There is a 10% discount for trading on Binance when using Bitsfolio. Users must already have an account and provide it with credit.


Kryll crypto trading robot allows you to create strategies using a visual editor. This will enable you to create simple if-that functions. There is also immediate backtesting based on real-time simulations. Strategies can be shared with and copied from the community. Therefore, Kryll is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The user interface is somewhat professional.

Users can also find other members’ bots on the marketplace and use them for themselves. With the “Instant Feedback” function, the bots’ performance can be tested without risking real money. You can use the bot for free with the “Free” account, but then you will not have access to the bots, only to strategies. There are notifications on Discord and Slack, unlimited backtests, and unlimited real-time simulations of trades. There is a free “Free” account with limited access to bots and simulations. The “Bronze” account costs $9.99 per month, the “Silver” account costs $29.99, and the “Gold” account costs $59.99 per month. The more expensive the subscription, the more bots and additional features are available.


Superalgos is a free, open-source crypto trading robot. It is available to developers for free programming of algorithms and laypeople. For the layman, there is a simple visual scripting language called Visual Strategy Designer.

The “Visual Strategy Designer” makes creating your bots and determining their behaviour possible even without programming knowledge. The “Visual Strategy Debugger” helps to find and eliminate errors and bad bot behaviour.

With backtesting and paper trading, the bots can be tested before they are added to the portfolio. Bots can work together in the “Trading Bot Farm” to solve more complex tasks.

Strategies are also open source. Skilled programmers can make these available to the general public at Superalgos and thus increase their reputation in the community. The bots can be used on over 120 exchanges.

Installing the software is a little more complex and requires technical understanding. However, it is entirely free. Apart from trading, price alarms and individual signals can also be configured.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use trading bots?

Both experienced traders and absolute newcomers can use crypto trading bots. These are designed so that the handling can be understood relatively quickly. As soon as all parameters have been set and you know the respective risk, you can start trading immediately.

Especially if you only have a little time to read up on the topics, trying out a trading bot makes a lot of sense. Most people are far too stressed by their everyday lives or work and, therefore, need more time to familiarize themselves with trading systems such as chart technology. This is precisely when trading bots come into play because they can work for you around the clock, and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the bot to make your first profits for you.

Can you make high profits with trading bots?

A trading bot can be profitable if used carefully and under the right circumstances. Since large orders are placed in a short period, it is possible to make profits. Every small trade can result in profits but also losses.

One of the most significant advantages of a crypto trading bot is that it takes the emotion out of trading. Greed, fear, or worry can damage a portfolio and the economy enormously. When things are looking up, investors tend to get greedy. This can make them so biased that they overlook changing market conditions and make irrational decisions. And before you know it, it’s too late to take profits.

When things go south, investors tend to become anxious. Thus, in a state of panic, they may make wrong decisions, such as selling at the bottom of a downtrend. Using a trading bot works on a “set it and forget it” basis. First, you have to decide on a strategy. But once all the parameters are selected, the trading bot can make trading decisions for you and maximize your assets over time.

How effective are cryptocurrency trading bots?

Even if crypto trading bots promise profitable trades, they sometimes must meet traders’ expectations. Numerous traders think that trading bots are almost exclusively fraudsters who ultimately just want to take money out of users’ pockets. To determine whether you are dealing with a reputable or non-reputable provider, you must look for experience and test reports in advance. Ultimately, there are numerous reports about the various providers on the Internet so you can know within minutes whether you should use the provider’s services or stay away from them.

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